Table of Contents


Part One: Origins and Sources

Chapter 1: The Evolution of Canadian Immigration Law

Chapter 2: Sources of Immigration Law

Part Two:  Status in Canada

Chapter 3: Status in Canada

Chapter 4: Temporary Status in Canada

Chapter 5: Acquiring Permanent Resident Status: The Economic Classes

Chapter 6: Acquiring Permanent Resident Status: The Family Class and Sponsorship

Chapter 7: A Brief Introduction to Canadian Refugee Law

Chapter 8: Acquiring Permanent Status: Refugee Resettlement

Chapter 9: The Refugee Determination Process in Canada

Chapter 10: Convention Refugees and Persons in Need of Protection

Chapter 11: Pre-removal Risk Assessments and Refoulement

Chapter 12: Applications Made on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

Chapter 13: Citizenship Status

Part Three: Enforcement

Chapter 14: Inadmissibility

Chapter 15: The Mechanics of Enforcement

Part Four: Judicial Supervision

Chapter 16: Judicial Review

Chapter 17: Constitutional Challenges


 Table of Cases


 About the Authors

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