Table of Contents

Foreword by Andy Becker, Australian Electoral Commissioner


The Australian Electoral Tradition

Graeme Orr, Bryan Mercurio and George Williams

The International Dimension

Lessons from the Florida Controversy

Daniel Lowenstein

Electoral Reform in the United Kingdom

Keith Ewing

Australian Electoral Law: Not a Model for Others

Michael Maley

A Century of Reform

Enrolling the People: Electoral Innovation in the New Australian Commonwealth

Marian Sawer

Measuring Parliaments Against the Spence Standard

John Uhr

Fundamental Rights and Values

The Evolution of the Commonwealth Franchise: Tales of Inclusion and Exclusion

Jennifer Norberry

One Vote, One Value: The WA Experience

Kirsten Robinson

Campaigns, Parties and Candidates

Campaign Finance Reform in Australia: Some Reasons for Reform

Joo-Cheong Tham

Dealing in Votes: Regulating Electoral Bribery

Graeme Orr

Party Registration and Preselection: A Minefield for Electoral Administrators?

Steve Tully

By Any Other Name: Parties, Candidates and their Ballot Labels

Tom Round

The Role of the Courts

The High Court and the Constitutionalism of Electoral Law

Gerard Carney

The Practice of Disputed Returns for Commonwealth Elections

Stephen Gageler

Justiciability: The Role of Courts in Reviewing Electoral Administration

Angela O’Neil

Best Practice in Electoral Governance

The Independence of the Commissions: The Legislative Framework and the Bureaucratic Reality

Colin A Hughes

Transparency and Elections in Australia: The Role of Scrutineers in the Australian Electoral Process

Phillip Green

Beyond the Paper Ballot: Exploring Computerised Voting

Bryan Mercurio

Table 0f Cases/ Table of Statutes/ Index

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