Table of Contents

Foreword by John O Ward Acknowledgements List of contributors Introduction

The nedessity of argument: Recovering a lost tradition

Justin T Gleeson and Ruth CA Higgins

Part 1 – Law and Language in the Greco-Roman Tradition

“The empty eloquence of fools”: Rhetoric in Classical Greece

Ruth C A Higgins

Cicero’s De Oratore, Pro Milone and the Philippics: Character, Argument and Emotion

Justin T Gleeson

Quintilian and the Public Attainment of Justice

Douglas Hassall

Hermogenes of Tarsus: Rhetorical Bridge from the Ancient World to the Modern

The Honourable Justice Arthur R Emmett

Part 2 – The Practice of Persuasion

The Rise (and Fall?) of the Barrister Class

The Honourable Michael H McHugh AC, QC

Rhetoric in Law – A Case for Optimism

The Honourable Justice Michael D Kirby AC, CMG

Aspects of Rhetoric in Forensic Advocacy Over the Past 50 years

The Honourable Justice J D Heydon AC

Part 3 – The Politics of Persuasion

The Political Rhetoric of American Aspiration

Susan Thomas

20th-Century Political Rhetoric: Churchill, Menzies and Whitlam

Graham Freudenberg AM

Annotated Bibliography for Chapters in Part 1 Table of Cases Index

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