Table of Contents

Introduction: Australian States: cinderellas No Longer?

George Winterton

Justice Boothby: A Disaster that Happened

John M Williams

Plenary Within Limits: Powell v Apollo Candle

Keven Booker

Thomas McCawley v The King

Nicholas Aroney

Trethowan’s Case

Jeffrey Goldsworthy

The Dismissal of the Lang Government

Anne Twomey

Clayton v Heffron

Anne Twomey

Deadlocks in State Parliaments

John Waugh

Tonkin v Brand: Triumph for the Rule of Law

Peter Johnston

Armstrong v Budd and the Power of Expulsion

Gareth Griffith

The Making of the Australia Acts 1986

Anne Twomey

Egan v Willis and Egan v Chadwick: The Triumph of Responsible Government

Gerard Carney

Arena v Nader and the Waiver of Parliamentary Privilege

Gareth Griffith and David Clune

BLF v Minister for Industrial Relations: The Limits of State Legislative and Judicial Power

Fiona Wheeler

The Kable Case: A Guard-Dog that Barked But Once?

H P Lee

McGinty v Western Australia: Electoral Equality and the Demise of the “Implied Rights Venture”

Peter A Gerangelos


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