Table of Contents


Shirleene Robinson

Mapping Homophobia in Australia

Michael Flood and Clive Hamilton

‘What They Were Doing With Their Clothes Off I Don’t Know’: Homophobia, Lesbian History and Responses to ‘Lesbian-Like’ Relationships, 1860s-1890s

Lucy Chesser

Homophobia in Fin de Siecle Colonial Queensland

Yorick Smaal and Clive Moore

‘Filthy, Obscene and Mad’: Engendering ‘Homophobia’ in Australia, 1940s-1960s

Ruth Ford

From ‘Vice’ to ‘Homosexuality’: Policing Perversion in the 1950s

Graham Willett

‘Hit Him With Your Handbag!’: Homophobia in Australian Magazines of the 1960s

Julie Ustinoff

‘Someone Who is Sick and in Need of Help’: Medical Attitudes to Homosexuality in Australia, 1960-1979

Emily Wilson

‘The Continuing Homosexual Offensive’: Sex Education, Gay Rights and Homosexual Recruitment

Steven Angelides

On the Frontline: The Queer Press and the Fight against Homophobia

Shirleene Robinson

Older Gay Men’s Recollections of Anti-Homosexual Prejudice in Australia

Peter Robinson

The Repeal of the Sodomy Laws in Tasmania in 1997 and the Status of Homophobia in Contemporary Australia

Alan Berman


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