Table of Contents



Part I: The International Legal “System”

Chapter 1: The Concept of International Law in Context

Chapter 2: Sources of International Law

Chapter 3: International Legal Persons

Part II: State Jurisdiction

Chapter 4: State Jurisdiction over Land Territory

Chapter 5: State Jurisdiction over Water

Chapter 6: State Jurisdiction over Air and Space

Chapter 7: State Jurisdiction over Persons, Conduct, and Events

Part III: Constraints On State Jurisdiction

Chapter 8: Jurisdictional Immunities

Chapter 9: International Human Rights Law

Chapter 10: Constraints on State Regulation of Economic Activity

Chapter 11: International Environmental Law

Part IV: Recourse For Violations Of International Law

Chapter 12: State Responsibility

Chapter 13: Economic Sanctions

Chapter 14: The Use of Force

Chapter 15: International Criminal Law

Table of Cases

Table of International Instruments

About the Authors

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