Table of Contents

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International Law and National Law: Fluid States

Hilary Charlesworth, Madelaine Chiam, Devika Hovell and George Williams

Part 1 – Legislatures, Executive Governments and International Law

Rethinking Legislative Powers: Parliamentary Responses to International Challenges

John Uhr

The Role for Parliaments in Treaty-Making

Joanna Harrington

Can the Democratic Deficit in Treaty-Making be Overcome? Parliament and the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement

Ann Capling

Part 2 – The Judiciary as Gatekeeper

The Judicial Use of Unincorporated International Conventions in Administrative Law: Back-Doors, Platitudes and Window-Dressing

Wendy Lacey

A Stronger Role for Customary International Law in Domestic Law?

Kristen Walker and Andrew D Mitchell

Lost in Translation: Customary International Law in Domestic Law

Treasa Dunworth

Influential Authority and the Estoppel-Like Effect of International Law

Mayo Moran

Part 3 – National Politics and the International Sphere

International Law-National Law: Thinking through the Hyphen

Fleur Johns

Problems of Translation: The State in Domestic and International Public Law and Beyond

Janet McLean

‘The Law Was Warful’: The Iraq War and the Role of International Lawyers in the Domestic Reception of International Law

Andrew Byrnes

Influences on National Participation in International Institutions: Liberal v Non-Liberal States

Ann Kent


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