Critics’ Reviews

Reviews of previous editions:The book is well laid out with the key points ‘boxed’. In the 79 pages of text, readers will find answers to those perennial problems encountered by students in preparing preliminary plans for legal writing, gathering research material and preparing and revising drafts. …

Where teaching materials are accessible and student exercises are submitted and corrected over the Internet, a legal writing text is required for this 21st century method of instruction. This excellent publication meets the challenges of this new technology. …

This forward-looking primer is an invaluable aid to all law students who want a practical text … – Law Institute Journal (Victoria), December 2003

What a terrific little book! Full of information all of it well presented. … The second edition is an enlarged revision of the original with a new section on law exams and other items such as a checklist of basic research skills.

Part 4 on law exams is short – only 12 pages – but essential reading for any student. If you have one in your house give them a copy of the book. It will help make their lives (and yours) a lot less stressful! Not that this book is only for students. A quote used on the back cover by the publishers is from the review of the first edition in a 1998 Law Society of Tasmania Law Letter. It says, ‘sound advice for both lawyers and students’. The second edition has continued to offer the same. – Tasmanian Law Society Newsletter, June 2003

Every law student should have a copy of this. – Ross Anderson, Senior Lecturer in Law, The University of Sydney

Sound advice for both lawyers and students… – Law Letter – Law Society of Tasmania

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