Table of Contents

A Reformed Republic?

The Trajectory of Law Reform in Indonesia

Tim Lindsey and Mas Achmad Santosa

Constitutional Reform in Indonesia: Muddling towards Democracy

Tim Lindsey

Between State and Society: Professional Lawyers and Reform in Indonesia

Daniel S Lev

Indonesian Law Reform, or Once More into the Breach: A Brief Institutional History

David Linnan

Adat and Law in a Plural System

Positivism and Romanticism in Indonesian Legal Thought

David Bourchier

Between Crime and Custom: Extra-Marital Sex in Modern Indonesian Law

Sebastiaan Pompe Hukum Adat

Adat, Conflict and Reconciliation: The Kei Islands, Southeast Maluku

Craig Thorburn

Decentralisation and Land Law

Decentralisation and Legal Reform in Indonesia: The Pendulum Effect

Leo Schmit

Indonesian Land Law and Administration

Jude Wallace

Beyond Dualism: Land Acquisition and Law in Indonesia

Daniel Fitzpatrick

Forest and Mining Legislation in Indonesia

Carolyn Marr

Islam and Law

Polygamy and Mixed Marriage in Indonesia: Islam and the Marriage Law in the Courts

Simon Butt

Legislating Social Change in an Islamic Society: Indonesia’s Marriage Law

Mark Cammack, Lawrence A Young and Tim Heaton

Indonesian Islamic Banking in Historical and Legal Context

Abdullah Saeed

Islamic Inheritance Law in Indonesia; The Influence of Jazairin’s Theory of Bilateral Interitance

Mark Cammack

Judges and Lawyers

Surat Sakti: the Decline of the Authority of Judicial Decisions in Indonesia

Simon Butt

The Importance of Private Law Doctrine in Indonesia

Gary F Bell

Indonesia’s Nation and Local Ombudsman Reforms: Salvaging a Failed Experiment?

Melissa Crouch

Measuring Up? Indonesia’s Anti-Corruption Commission and the New Corruption Agenda

Stewart Fenwick

The Bali Bombing East Timor Trials and the Aceh Human Rights Court – Retrospectivity, Impunity and Constitutionalism

Ross Clarke

Human Rights, Gender and the Law

The Legal Framework of Human Rights in Indonesia

Jeff Herbert

Gender and Law Reform in Indonesia: Overcoming Entrenched Barriers

Nursyahbani Katjasungkana

Culture, Ideology and Human Rights: The Case of Indonesia’s Code of Criminal Procedure

Daniel FitzpatrickLegal Responses to Violence in post-Soeharto Indonesia

Jemma Purdey

Labour Law and Practice in post-Soeharto Indonesia

Luke Arnold

Commercial Law and Reform

Contract and Contract Enforcement in Indonesian: An Institutional Assessment

Veronica Taylor

Commercial Law Enforcement in Indonesia: The Manulife Case

David Linnan

Intellectual Property in Indonesia: A Problematic Legal Transplant

Simon Butt

The Competition Commission: A New Kind of Player in Indonesia’s Legal System

John R Davis



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