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Tim Bonyhady and Peter Christoff

The new Australian climate law

Tim Bonyhady

Kyoto and the Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate

Peter Christoff and Robyn Eckersley

The greenhouse trigger: Where did it go and what of its future?

Andrew Macintosh

Carbon trading markets: Legal considerations

Martijn Wilder and Monique Miller

Can the invisible hand adjust the thermostat? Carbon emissions trading and Australia

Peter Christoff

Emissions reduction targets legislation

Rob Fowler

The adaptation imperative: Managing the legal risks of climate change impacts

Jan McDonald

Geosequestration law in Australia

AM Warburton, JA Grove, S Then, KM Geddes

Hazelwood: A new lease on life for a greenhouse dinosaur

Charles Berger

The Bowen Basin coal mines case: Climate law in the Federal Court

Kirsty Ruddock

The limits of judicial review: Anvil Hill in the Land and Environment Court

David Farrier

The Xstrata case: Pyrrhic victory or harbinger?

Chris McGrath – Erratum: The word “Phyrrhic” should be corrected to “Pyrrhic” in the title of this chapter on page 214 of the book.

The Bald Hills wind farm debacle

James Prest

Global or local interests? The significance of the Taralga wind farm case

Judith Jones

Nuclear Law Making

Ron Levy

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