Table of Contents


Neville Wran


Mark Arbib





Troy Bramston

Part One: The Wran Era and Political Style

The Path to Power

Brian Dale

Elections, Policy and Politics: An Overview

David Clune

The ‘Wranslides’ and Electoral Politics

Antony Green

The Wran Leadership Model

Troy Bramston

Part Two: Managing Government

Working for Wran

David Hill

The Wran Cabinet

Rodney Cavalier

The Public Service

Gerry Gleeson

Neville Wran: The Voice of Sydney

Graham Freudenberg

Wran and the Media

Rodney Tiffen

Part Three: Policy and the Wran Government


Laurie Brereton


Michael Hogan


John Black

The Economy

Russell Ross

Policing, Law and Order

Andrew Clark

Social Policy

Gary Moore

Social Policy and the Reform Agenda

Frank Walker

The Environment: Reform, National Parks and City Decline

Jeff Angel

Women’s Policy: Courage with Caution – The decade in which NSW led the world in women’s rights

Carmel Niland

An Aboriginal Perspective

Pat O’Shane

Reforming the Institutions of Governance

David Bradbury

Neville Wran and the Labor Council of NSW

Michael Easson

Part Four: Reflections and Assessments

Reflections of a Minister

Terry Sheahan

An Assessment from the Outside

Dennis Shanahan

An Assessment from the Inside

Stephen Loosley

Appendix 1: Neville Wran’s Resignation Speech, 7 June 1986Appendix 2: Cabinets and Ministries 1976-86 Appendix 3: NSW Leaders of the Opposition 1976-88 Appendix 4: Election Results 1973-86

Notes and Additional Sources


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