Critics’ Reviews

Makes very important points on the dangers of excessive executive power to democracy and the dangers of excessive responses to internal disturbances potentially fuelling its causes. This makes Calling Out the Troops a very significant – perhaps critical – contribution to debate on the role of the military in internal security. – Melbourne University Law Review ([2009 MULR 35])

The book is a very useful analysis of important aspects of the way in which governments, both in Australia and overseas, have used the “war on terror” to erode human and legal rights. This book would be of interest to academic, military lawyers, and students. It would also be of interest to persons concerned about progressive incursions by government upon the human rights of citizens. That, perhaps, should include all of us. – Hearsay, the Journal of the Bar Association of Queensland, May 2010

Overall the impact of Head’s discussion and analysis is dramatic, particularly as he grounds his legal analysis in a reading of Australian history. – Labour History, May 2010

Calling Out the Troops provides a detailed and critical analysis of Australia’s military call-out laws. Dr Head places the Australian law in the context of global trends towards increasing military control of of civilian populations and the militarisation of society generally. This work raises crucial questions regarding the relationship between the citizen and the state and deserves to be widely read. – Law Institute Journal of Victoria, April 2010

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