Table of Contents

The structure of strategic thinking

Jerry Ratcliffe

Developments in Australian strategic criminal intelligence

Kevin Rogers

Developments in UK criminal intelligence

John Grieve

Strategic aspects of the UK National Intelligence Model

Brian Flood and Roger Gaspar

Task definition

Jonathan Nicholl

The theory and practice of intelligence collection

Oliver Higgins

Intelligence research

Jerry Ratcliffe

Exploratory intelligence tools

Corey E Heldon

Threat and risk assessments

Natasha Tusikov and Robert Fahlman

Futures work in strategic criminal intelligence

Neil Quarmby

Influencing decision-makers with intelligence and analytical products

R Mark Evans

Project management

Patrick F Walsh

Collaborative intelligence production

Ray Guidetti

A practitioner’s perspective of UK strategic intelligence

Steve Christopher and Nina Cope

Setting the strategic agenda

Jerry Ratcliffe and James Sheptycki

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