Table of Contents

A. History, Purpose and Function

A History of Law Reform in Australia

Michael Tilbury

The Future for Institutional Law Reform

David Weisbrot

A Vision of Tidiness: Codes, Consolidations and Statute Law Revision

Edward Caldwell

B. Institutional Design

Institutional Architecture

Kate Warner

Independence and Accountability of Law Reform Agencies

Peter Hennessy

Continuity, Discontinuity, Stasis and Innovation

Roderick Macdonald

Initiation and Selection of Projects

J Bruce Robertson

C. Methods and Operations

Strategic and Project Planning

Anne Rees


Martin Partington

Targeted Consultations

Ian Davis

Law Reform and Community Participation

Roslyn Atkinson

Relations with the Media

David Solomon

D. Outputs and Outcomes

Products of Law Reform Agencies

Lani Blackman

Measuring Success

Brian Opeskin


John Hannaford

E. Co-operation and Mutual Assistance

Leadership and Ideas: Law Reform in a Federation

Nathalie Des Rosiers

Co-operation across Frontiers

Michael Sayers

F. Other Law Reform Initiatives

Professional and Private Bodies

Ralph Simmonds

Law Reform Agencies and Royal Commissions: Toiling in the Same Field?

Ronald Sackville

Law Reform through the Executive

Laurie Glanfield

Law Reform and the Legislature

Marise Payne

Law Reform and the Courts

Sir Anthony Mason

G. Law Reform in Action

The Growth of Civil Justice Reform

Peter Sallmann

Challenges to Criminal Justice Reform

David Brown

Law Reform and Social Justice

Marcia Neave

Science, Medicine and Health and the Work of the Australian Law Reform Commission

Don Chalmers

Law Reform and Legal Education: Uniting Separate Worlds

Michael Coper

The Challenge of Law Reform in Pacific Island States

Guy Powles

The Challenge of Law Reform in Southern Africa

Mwangala Kamuwanga

Are We There Yet?

Michael Kirby


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