Table of Contents

The Journey from Work Choices to Fair Work

Andrew Stewart and Anthony Forsyth

Testing the Boundaries: Towards a National System of Labour Regulation

Andrew Stewart

The Safety Net: Labour Standards in the New Era

Jill Murray and Rosemary Owens

A Changing of the Guard: Enforcement of Workplace Relations Laws Since Work Choices and Beyond

Tess Hardy

Making the “BOOT” Fit: Reforms to Agreement-Making from Work Choices to Fair Work

Carolyn Sutherland

“Exit Stage Left”, Now “Centre Stage”: Collective Bargaining under Work Choices and Fair Work

Anthony Forsyth

A New Consensus: The Coalition, the ALP and the Regulation of Industrial Action

Shae McCrystal

Union Security after Work Choices

Colin Fenwick and John Howe

From Industrial Arbitration to Workplace Mediation: Changing Approaches to Dispute Resolution

Joellen Riley

The Decline and Restoration of Unfair Dismissal Rights

Anna Chapman

From Work Choices to Fair Work: An Assessment

Anthony Forsyth and Andrew Stewart


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