Table of Contents


Considerations for a 21st-century Knowledge Policy

Mark Perry & Brian Fitzgerald


Chapter 1

Free Software

Richard Stallman


Chapter 2

Free Software as a Democratic Principle

Nic Suzor, Brian Fitzgerald, & Mark Perry


Chapter 3

A Theory of Disclosure for Security and Competitive Reasons: Open Source, Proprietary Software, and Government Systems

Peter P. Swire


Chapter 4

FLOW Licensing and Contracting: Applied Intellectual Resource Economics in the Canadian Public Sector

Joseph R. Potvin


Chapter 5

Free Software and Software-defined Radio: An Overview of New FCC Rules

Matt Norwood


Chapter 6

The Legality of Free and Open Source Software Licences: The Case of Jacobsen v. Katzer

Brian Fitzgerald & Rami Olwan


Chapter 7

Facilitating Meaningful Public Access to Primary Legal Information: Designing an Integrated Legal Environment

Marcus Bornfreund & Phil Surette


Chapter 8

Blogs and the Law: Key Legal Issues for the Blogosphere

Damien O’Brien


Chapter 9

The School Girl, the Billboard, and Virgin: The Virgin Mobile Case and the Use of Creative Commons Licensed Photographs by Commercial Entities

Emma Carroll & Jessica Coates


Chapter 10

Abandoning Eden: The Google Print Library Project

Dilan Thampapillai


Chapter 11

Third-party Copyright and Public Information Infrastructure/Registries: How Much Copyright Tax Must the Public Pay?

Brian Fitzgerald & Benedict Atkinson


Chapter 12

The Academic Authorship, Publishing Agreements, and Open Access Survey: An Australian Perspective

Anthony Austin, Maree Heffernan, & Nikki David


Chapter 13

A Relational Theory of Authorship

Sampsung Xiaoxiang Shi & Brian Fitzgerald


Chapter 14

Access to Digital Information: Gift or Right?

Margaret Ann Wilkinson


Chapter 15

Creating a Legal Framework for Copyright Management of Open Access within the Australian Academic and Research Sector

Brian Fitzgerald, Anne Fitzgerald, Mark Perry, Scott Kiel-Chisholm, Erin Driscoll, Dilan Thampapillai, & Jessica Coates


Chapter 16

Digital Copyright Reform in New Zealand: An Own-Interest Approach for a Small Market Economy

Susy Frankel



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