Table of Contents


Politics and the police in Australia

Law and order elections

An international story

Organising the police

Before the unions

Combinations and aspirations

Police strikes

The politicisation of police

Defining the game

Political campaigns

Wages and conditions

The developing political role

Industrial battlefields

The uses of law

Matters of appeal

Commissioner-union conflict

Implications for policing: ministers, commissioners and unions

Alliances and conflicts

A national union?

Political rights

Using the media

Are police workers?

Fractured relations

Political interventions

A thousand more police, or two

Damage control-commission and inquiries

Law reform-the unions for and against

The politics of victimhood

The new politics of change

New agendas and old responses

Discipline and the commissioner’s powers

Operational issues-policy and practice

Law and order

Political choices

Taking stock


References/ Index

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