Critics’ Reviews

This is a useful little book which contains material not easily found elsewhere. … [It] notes that at present there are no standard set of tests for mental capacity. However, it discusses the various tests used by psychologists and discusses the philosophic concepts involved in making the assessment. The few Australian cases are discussed. … The book fills a niche in the market and should be useful to all those who have to deal with questions of when a person is capable of making serious decisions. – Australian Law Journal Vol 79, November 2005

Touches upon issues and methodology which are applicable to all situations where a person’s mental capacity is called into question. … [contains] excellent contributions from a number of different disciplines. … Chapter 2 is the best guide to the law on capacity, discussing the statutory provisions as to enduring documents in the light of leading cases … For the cross-examiner, I would recommend chapter 4, Measuring Mental Capacity: Models, Methods and Tests … A similar horizon broadening for the hidebound lawyer is available from chapter 3, Mental Capacity in Medical Practice and Advance Care Planning: Clinical, Ethical and Legal Issues … In my opinion, the monograph is a usefiul addition to the advocate’s library both for the normal utilitarian reasons and for the important issues it discusses. – Stephen Keim SC, Queensland Bar News No 16, August 2005

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