Table of Contents

Part 1 – Law and the Context of Practice


Rosemary Kennedy

The Australian legal system

Allied health professions, professionalism, ethics and law

Cameron Stewart

The health service delivery context

Peter McFarlane

Occupational regulation of health practitioners in Australia

Anne-Louise Carlton

Part 2 – Accountable Service Delivery and the Law

Decision-making and consent

Clare Delany

Confidentiality, privacy and health information management

Marilyn McMahon

Intervention methods and processes

Michael Weir

Part 3 – Adverse Service Delivery and the Law

Legal risks of unprofessional behaviour

Beth Wilson

Reporting own and other’s conduct

Cameron Stewart

Part 4 – Law and Professional Life

Working for others or as a private practitioner?

Trevor Goddard and Marina Ciccarelli

Writing reports and giving evidence in court

Andrew Day

Maintaining professional competence

Joshua Burns


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