Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor Stuart Harris, Emeritus Professor, Department of Industrial Relations, Australian National University


Julia Jabour, Alan D Hemmings and Lorne K Kriwoken

Flexing Australian Sovereignty in Antarctica: Pushing Antarctic Treaty Limits in the National Interest?

Donald R Rothwell and Shirley V Scott

Setting and Implementing the Agenda: Australian Antarctic Policy

Marcus Haward, Rob Hall and Aynsley Kellow

Australian Influence in the Antarctic Treaty System: An End or a Means?

Stephen Powell and Andrew Jackson

Enforcement and Compliance in the Australian Antarctic Territory: Legal and Policy Dilemmas

Tim Stephens and Ben Boer

Antarctic Science in a Changing Climate: Challenges and Future Directions for Australia’s Antarctic Science and Policy

Rosemary A Sandford

Emerging Issues of Australian Antarctic Tourism: Legal and Policy Directions

Murray P Johnson and Lorne K Kriwoken

Net Gain or Net Loss? Australia and Southern Ocean Fishing

Gail L Lugten

Saving Seabirds

Rob Hall

The Great Whale Debate: Australia’s Agenda on Whaling

Julia Jabour, Mike Iliff and Erik Jaap Molenaar

Emerging Issues of Australia’s Sub-Antarctic Islands: Macquarie Island and Heard Island and McDonald Islands

Lorne K Kriwoken and Nick Holmes

A Caution on the Benefits of Research: Australia, Antarctica and Climate Change

Aynsley Kellow

Globalisation’s Cold Genius and the Ending of Antarctic Isolation

Alan D Hemmings

Looking Forward, Looking South: An Enduring Australian Antarctic Interest

Alan D Hemmings, Lorne K Kriwoken and Julia Jabour


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