Table of Contents


A Tribute to Sir Gerard Brennan

Mr Daryl Davies

Contribution by Sir Gerard Brennan

The Review of Commonwealth Administrative Power: Some Current Issues

The Hon Sir Gerard Brennan, AC, KBE

Judicial Review

Judicial Review: The Contribution of Sir Gerard Brennan

The Hon Sir Anthony Mason, AC KBE

Sir Gerard Brennan and Some Themes in Judicial Review

Mr Stephen Gageler, SC

Administrative Tribunals

Sir Gerard Brennan and Administrative Tribunals

Mr Stephen Skehill

Administrative Tribunals and Sir Gerard Brennan: Some Specific Topics

Justice Rosemary Balmford

Human Rights

Sir Gerard Brennan and Human Rights Law in Australia

The Hon Justice Murray Wilcox

Sir Gerard Brennan and Aspects of his Human Rights Perspective

Associate Professor Gerard Carney

Extra-Curial Writings

Sir Gerard Brennan’s Extra-Curial Writings

Associate Professor Robin Creyke

Tables of Cases/ Tables of Statutes/ Index

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