Table of Contents

Preface/ Acknowledgments

The History of the Corporate Form and its Regulation

Concepts and Perspectives

The Legal Structure of the Corporations Legislation

Interpretation and Review

External Regulation

Financial Reporting

Audits and Auditors

Types of Corporate Structure

Constituting the Corporation

Corporate Contracting

Corporate Liability for Criminal and Civil Wrongs

Corporate Governance: Structures and Issues

Membership and Meetings

The Duties and Responsibilities of Directors and Other Officers

Members’ Rights and Remedies

Share Capital

Debt Capital

Managed Investments


Securities Regulation

Takeover Regulation

Reconstructions, Schemes of Arrangement and Deeds of Company Arrangement

Receivers and Other Controllers of Corporate Property

Winding Up and the Dissolution Process

Liquidators and Creditors

Table of Cases/ Table of Statutes/ Index

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