Table of Contents

Summary Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1: So, You Want to Go to Law School? The Inside Story
CHAPTER 2: Let’s Get Jurisprudential: The Study of Law
CHAPTER 3: This Crazy Little Thing Called “Law”: Legal Materials and Institutions
CHAPTER 4: Get a Real Life: Living Through Law School
CHAPTER 5: Making Moves: Legal Reasoning
CHAPTER 6: The Write Stuff: Putting on the Style
CHAPTER 7: Making Friends: The Basics of Legal Research
CHAPTER 8: Stand and Deliver: Doing a Moot
CHAPTER 9: In the Belly of the Beast: Writing Exams
CHAPTER 10: Is There Life After Law School? Articling, Lawyering, and Other Possibilities
APPENDIX A: Long Legal Memorandum
APPENDIX B: Short Legal Memorandum
APPENDIX C: Model Factum
APPENDIX D: Model Examination Question

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