Table of Contents

Foreword – Justices Kathryn N. Feldman and Robert J. Sharpe (Court of Appeal for Ontario) and Kenneth C. Mackenzie (Court of Appeal for British Columbia)
CHAPTER 1: Litigating Conspiracy: An Introduction – Stephen G.A. Pitel
CHAPTER 2: Competition Class Actions: An Evaluation of Deterrence and Corrective Justice Rationales – Margaret Sanderson and Michael Trebilcock
CHAPTER 3: Coordinating Private Class Action and Public Agency Enforcement of Antitrust Law – David Rosenberg and James P. Sullivan
CHAPTER 4: Imperfect Information and Conspiracy Class Actions – Edward M. Iacobucci
CHAPTER 5: The Investment Theory of Class Actions – Guy Halfteck
CHAPTER 6: Antitrust Class Actions: Chaos in the Courts – Robert H. Klonoff
CHAPTER 7: Class Certification in the Microsoft Indirect Purchaser Litigation – William H. Page
CHAPTER 8: The United States Experience with Competition Class Action Certification: A Comment – Spencer Weber Waller
CHAPTER 9: The Certification of Competition-related Class Actions in Canada – John B. Laskin, Linda M. Plumpton, and Amanda M. Kemshaw
CHAPTER 10: Conspiracy Class Actions: Evidence on the Motion for Certification – David W. Kent
CHAPTER 11: Class Actions Against Multiple Defendants in Quebec: The Issues of Legal Interest and Standing to Sue – Catherine Piché
CHAPTER 12: Avoiding Pitfalls and Potential Conflicts in Negotiating Class Counsel Fees and Obtaining Court Approval – J.J. Camp
CHAPTER 13: Jurisdictional Issues in Internation Cartel Cases: A Canadian Perspective – Donald B. Houston and Jeanne L. Pratt
CHAPTER 14: An American Perspective: Comment on the Articles by J.J. Camp, and Donald Houston and Jeanne Pratt – Joseph P. Bauer
CHAPTER 15: The Role of Economics in Class Certification and Class-wide Impact – John C. Beyer
CHAPTER 16: Estimating Damages from Price-fixing – James A. Brander and Thomas W. Ross
CHAPTER 17: Compensation for the Class: Ascertaining and Distributing Damages in a Competition Class Action – James Sullivan and Amelia Staunton

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