Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition

Preface to the First Edition

List of Canadian Personal Property Security Act and Abbreviations

CHAPTER 1: Introduction and General Considerations

CHAPTER 2: The Concept of Security Interest and Scope of the Personal Property Security Act

CHAPTER 3: Conflict of Laws

CHAPTER 4: Creation of a PPSA Security Interest

CHAPTER 5: Perfection

CHAPTER 6: The Registration System

CHAPTER 7: Transferees of Collateral

CHAPTER 8: Competitions Among Secured Parties

CHAPTER 9: Competitions with Other Claimants

CHAPTER 10: The Effects of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Proceedings on Security Interests

CHAPTER 11: Following and Tracing into New Forms of Collateral

CHAPTER 12: Remedies

CHAPTER 13: National and International Security Interests

Table of Cases


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