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James Muir

The Law of Property in Animals, Newfoundland-Style
Bruce Ziff

Nuisance and Neighbourhood in Late Nineteenth-Century Montreal: Drysdale v Dugas in its Contexts
Eric H . Reiter

KVP: Riparian Resurrection in 20th Century Ontario
Jamie Benidickson

Cottages, Covenants, and the Cold War: Galbraith v. Madawaska Club
Philip Girard

“The right to discriminate”: Kenneth Bell versus Carl McKay and the Ontario Human Rights Commission
Frank Luce and Karen Schucher

“The courts have turned women into slaves for the men of this world”: Irene Murdoch’s Quest for Justice
Vanessa Gruben, Angela Cameron, a nd Angela Chaisson

Morgan and Jacobson v Attorney General for Prince Edward Island
Margaret McCallum

The Zoroastrian Temple in Toronto: A Case Study in Land Use Regulation, Canadian-Style
Eran Kaplinsky

Manitoba Fisheries v The Queen: The Origins of Canada’s De Facto Expropriation Doctrine
Jim Phillips and Jeremy Martin

The Malling of Property Law?: The Toronto Eaton Centre Cases, 1984–1987, and the Right to Exclude
Eric Tucker

Regina v Stewart: Is Information Property?
C. Ian Kyer

Begging to Differ: Panhandling, Public Space, and Municipal Property
Nicholas Blomley

Pirate or Prophet? Monsanto Canada Inc. v Schmeiser
Patricia L. Farnese

A Railway, a City, and the Public Regulation of Private Property: CPR v City of Vancouver
Douglas C. Harris

Private Property and the Public Interest: (Re)Telling the Stories of Principles, Places, and Parties
Mary Jane Mossman

Select Bibliography: Canadian Property Law Histories



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