Table of Contents

Introduction: Three Pillars of Canadian Criminal Law
Chapter 1: Mostly Sovereign
Chapter 2: Reading Criminal Offences
Chapter 3: Common Law Expansions of Criminal Liability
Chapter 4: Courts Constraining Parliament? Restraint and De Minimis
Chapter 5: Presuming Restraint
Chapter 6: Consent and Restraint in the Law of Assault
Chapter 7: “A Complex Piece of Writing”
Chapter 8: A More Modest Principle of Voluntariness
Chapter 9: Representative Labelling
Chapter 10: Fault and Guidance
Chapter 11: Mistake and Moral Proximity
Chapter 12: Guidance, Culpability, and Mistake of Law
Chapter 13: Justifications, Excuses, and Institutional Defences
Chapter 14: Incapacity and the Ladder of Agency
Table of Cases
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