Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Business Restructuring: A View from 40,000 Feet – Marvin Yontef and Elizabeth Breen
CHAPTER 2: Bankruptcy and Insolvency for Transactional Lawyers: Panel discussion – Geoffrey B. Morawetz (Moderator), Hon. James M. Farley, John T. Evans, Murray S. Gold, Murray A. McDonald
CHAPTER 3: Business Transactions and the Limitations Act, 2002, – Ruth Wahl
CHAPTER 4: Tax Considerations for Business Lawyers – Jason Brock and Ron Durand
CHAPTER 5: Vehicles for Operating a Business – Wayne D. Gray and Gerald D. Courage
CHAPTER 6: Selected Topics in Purchase and Sale Agreements: Earn-Outs, Entire Agreement Clauses, and Duty of Good Faith – Alison J. Youngman, Margaret Nixon, and Erin Michael O’Toole
CHAPTER 7: Investing in Private Companies: Owner-Managers vs. Investors – A. Paul Mahaffy
CHAPTER 8: When the Going Gets Tough: Emerging Issues in Securities Litigation – Kent E. Thompson and Shara N. Wright
CHAPTER 9: Recent Developments in Securities Law – Paul G. Findlay
CHAPTER 10: “The More Things Change…”: A “Back to Basics” Governance Model – Stephen H. Halperin and Robert Vaux
CHAPTER 11: An Even-handed Look at Fair Dealing – Charlie Macfarlane and Julia Dublin
CHAPTER 12: Current Legal Developments in the Mutual Fund Industry: Abuses and Governance – Stephen I. Erlichman
CHAPTER 13: Compliance with Privacy Laws in Business Transactions – Nancy J. Carroll
CHAPTER 14: Recent Developments Regarding the Oppression Remedy – Peter C. Wardle and Daniel Bernstein
CHAPTER 15: The Role of the Corporate Director: More than Just “Making It” in the Corporate World – Joseph Groia and Kellie Seaman
CHAPTER 16: The National Class under the Class Proceedings Act, 1992: Unsettled Issues – Patricia Jackson
CHAPTER 17: Canada’s Competition Regime: What Does the Future Hold? – Melanie L. Aitken and Brian A. Facey
CHAPTER 18: Canadian Corporate Governance: Ten Reasons to Doubt Its Efficacy – Rene Sorell and Alasdair Federico
CHAPTER 19: Roundtable Discussion on Corporate Governance – Carol Hansell (Chair), J. David A. Jackson, William M. Mackenzie, Maureen J. Sabia, Wes Voorheis

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