Table of Contents

Foreword by Andy Byford



A Note on Terminology


Chapter 1: Laying the Groundwork for Conflict, 1891–92

Chapter 2: Seeking the Upper Hand, 1892–93

Chapter 3: Ice, Snow, and a Temporary Thaw, 1893–99

Chapter 4: Crowded Streetcars, 1899–1903

Chapter 5: Uncrowded Suburbs, 1904–07

Chapter 6: A New Battleground, 1907–11

Chapter 7: Seeking Victory By Other Means, 1912–14

Chapter 8: A War of Attrition, 1915–20

Chapter 9: Finishing with the Old Regime, 1921–24

Epilogue: Lessons Learned


A Note on Sources


Appendix: Conditions of sale of the Street Railway Franchise of the City of Toronto, as adopted by the City Council May 5th, 1891.




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