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Book cover for Guthrie's Guide to Better Legal Writing, second edition. The cover is teal with a bold and bright design of two quills forming an X, and the book title displayed prominently in yellow.

Guthrie’s Guide to Better Legal Writing, 2/e

Lawyers like to think they are good writers. Their non-lawyer readers are more likely to describe their writing as turgid, pedantic, Latin-filled, jargon-ridden, misspelt, ungrammatical, and inelegant. Guthrie’s Guide to Better Legal Writing won’t solve all your problems, but it will help you make your prose clear, correct, and compelling. The focus is on communicating more effectively in email, letters, memos, blog …

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Book cover for National Security Law, second edition, by Craig Forcese and Leah West. As a book in the Essentials of Canadian Law series, the cover is a solid burgundy colour with a simple type treatment in capital serif letters in white.

National Security Law, 2/e

National Security Law, 2e, is about the law governing the Canadian state’s response to serious crises — that is, events that jeopardize its national security. The book approaches national security law as a system, organizing its discussion of law around five themes: structure (the mandate and roles of national security agencies); threats (aggression, terrorism, interference, proliferation, and emergencies); information (domestic and international …

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Book cover for In Your Face: Law, Justice, and Niqab-Wearing Women in Canada by Natasha Bakht. The cover shows a woman wearing a niqab face covering. Her eyes are smiling and her fingers are forming a peace sign.

In Your Face

Featured on The Hill Times’ 100 Best Books in 2020 list This book explores the experiences of a group of women in Canada who are small in numbers yet have garnered much legal, political, and social attention in recent years. Muslim women who cover their faces with a veil arouse visceral reactions in people who, despite exposure to diverse ways …

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Book cover for The Law of Contracts, third edition, by John D. McCamus. As a book in the Essentials of Canadian Law series, the cover is a solid burgundy colour with a simple type treatment in capital serif letters in white.

The Law of Contracts, 3/e

The Law of Contracts, third edition, is a thorough revision of this authoritative text in Irwin Law’s Essentials of Canadian Law series. It includes discussion of recent jurisprudential developments in a variety of topics, including: the impact of the ground-breaking decision in Bhasin v Hrynew on articulating the general organizing principle requiring good-faith performance the effect of the decision of …

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Admiralty Jurisdiction

Now in its fifth edition, Admiralty Jurisdiction, has expanded to include the law of the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa and India in addition to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. It is a comprehensive account of admiralty jurisdiction – law and practice – in these jurisdictions. The scope of the book, its detailed analysis and its clear …

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Children and Young People in Asylum and Refugee Processes

Representing children in refugee protection proceedings is complex work involving legal, psycho-social, welfare and cross-cultural issues. Children and young people are amongst the most vulnerable people affected by migration controls, especially when they are seeking asylum alone, without the support of a responsible adult. Their interaction with government systems in this area is known to cause them high levels of …

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Book cover for Authority to Decide: Law of Jurisdiction in Australia by Mark Leeming. Gold text on black background.

Authority to Decide, 2/e

Since its initial publication in 2012, Authority to Decide has established itself as the pre-eminent resource for Australian practitioners and courts dealing with questions of jurisdiction. It has been cited regularly in judgments of the High Court of Australia, and in dozens of first instance and appellate judgments of other courts. Some of propositions advanced in the first edition have …

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Book cover for Law and Mental Disorder, edited by Hy Bloom and Richard D. Schneider. The cover shows the title in a simple golden sans serif font on a dark grey background.

Law and Mental Disorder

Law and Mental Disorder: A Comprehensive and Practical Approach is an encyclopedic medico-legal overview of forensics issues. With 60 chapters, and over 50 contributors, the topics range from an introduction to the legal system for psychiatrists, to pharmacological treatments for sex offenders, to the pathways to conduct disorder amongst children. The book has been written for a professional audience of …

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Book cover for Colour of Justice by David M Tanovich. The text is in a spectrum of skin-tone colours on a light background.

The Colour of Justice

The colour of justice in Canada is largely driven by stereotypical assumptions about crime and those who commit it. Over the last few years, the use of race, ethnicity, and religion as indicators of suspicion by the police and security officials has come under scrutiny. The focus, however, has largely been on the American experience. The Colour of Justice provides …

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Book cover for Carnal Crimes by Constance Backhouse. The cover is brown with a painting of two roses strewn on the floor inside a white background. There is a red label indicating "Winner of the 2009 Canadian Law and Society Association Book Prize".

Carnal Crimes

Winner of the 2009 Canadian Law and Society Association Book Prize Carnal Crimes: Sexual Assault Law in Canada, 1900-1975 is an engaging and powerful book about sexual assault crimes in Canadian history by one of Canada’s foremost legal historians. Using a case-study approach, Constance Backhouse explores nine sexual assault trials from across the country throughout the twentieth century. We move …

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Criminal Laws Northern Territory

For decades the Northern Territory’s criminal law has stood at the jurisprudential frontier of Australia: grappling with a unique set of circumstances, almost entirely dominated by the situation of its Aboriginal people. This 2nd edition deals in detail with the sweeping changes introduced in 2005 by Part IIAA of the NT Criminal Code. These changes often mirror the Criminal Code …

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Creighton & Stewart’s Labour Law

The latest edition of this leading text features a new and expanded team of authors, who explain and analyse Australia’s complex system of labour regulation. The book has been substantially restructured and updated to cover the many statutory amendments introduced or proposed over the past five years, especially to the Fair Work legislation, but also on matters such as work …

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Constitutional Recognition of First Peoples in Australia

Darryl McCarthy (a Mardigan man from South West Queensland)Women’s Business Reproduced with permission of the artist © Darryl McCarthy_______________________________________ This collection of essays explores the history and current status of proposals to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Constitution of Australia. The book had its genesis in a colloquium co-hosted by the University of Southern Queensland and …

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Youth Justice

Youth Justice is an ongoing project of Macquarie Legal Centre. This edition was produced in partnership with Shopfront Youth Legal Centre. Macquarie Legal Centre’s Youth Justice: Your Guide to Cops and Court in New South Wales provides a practical guide for young people who come into contact with the police or the criminal justice system in NSW. Presented in a …

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Children, Parents and the Courts

The family can be viewed as a private world, one into which courts should be reluctant to intrude. In our society, recognition of the specialness of the parent/child relationship is well entrenched: “The best person to bring up a child is the natural parent.” Yet legal intervention in this relationship may be justified when children need protection. The resulting tension …

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Blackshield and Williams Australian Constitutional Law and Theory

This is the new and fully updated edition of the acclaimed and authoritative book on Australian constitutional law. Fresh material reflects the contemporary approach of the High Court including its emphasis on statutory interpretation as a tool of constitutional analysis. The book has also been fully revised and updated for major High Court and overseas decisions, including McCloy v New …

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Adjudication in the Building Industry

Many in the construction industry, and their professional advisers, remain unaware of the scheme for compulsory rapid adjudication which has now been adopted throughout Australia outside WA and NT. Many contractors and owners are compelled to pay large claims because they have not availed themselves of the protections afforded by the legislation. Philip Davenport’s book explains the scheme, and its …

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Mine Safety

Historically, the mining industry has had a high incidence of work related injury and disease, and of disasters involving multiple fatalities. It also faces OHS challenges far exceeding those confronting most other industry sectors. Mine safety legislation can play an important role in meeting those challenges. Although regulation is never likely to be the entire answer, good regulation not only …

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