Announcing Canadian Legal Bookshelf

Irwin Law and Compass (formerly Maritime Law Book) are thrilled to introduce the Canadian Legal Bookshelf – a selection from the Essentials of Canadian Law series by Irwin Law now available on VLexCanada!

What’s the Canadian Legal Bookshelf, you ask? A new way to research Canadian primary and secondary law in one place, featuring the topic-based research of the historic Maritime Law Book collection and key number system alongside a selection of previous editions from the award-winning Essentials of Canadian Law. Learn more here.

Irwin Law titles currently in the Canadian Legal Bookshelf include:

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Fifth Edition), Robert J. Sharpe and Kent Roach
Canadian Family Law (Sixth Edition), Julien D. Payne and Marilyn A. Payne
Criminal Law (Fifth Edition), Kent Roach
Constitutional Law (Fourth Edition), Patrick J. Monahan and Byron Shaw
The Law of Contracts (First Edition), John D. McCamus
The Law of Evidence (Sixth Edition), David M. Paciocco and Lee Stuesser
The Law of Torts (Fourth Edition), Philip H. Osborne
Criminal Procedure (Second Edition), Steve Coughlan
Detention and Arrest (First Edition), Steve Coughlan and Glen Luther
Bank and Customer Law in Canada (First Edition), M.H. Ogilvie
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law (First Edition), Roderick J. Wood
Legal Research & Writing (Third Edition), Ted Tjaden
Child Support Guidelines in Canada (2012 Edition), Julien D. Payne and Marilyn A. Payne

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