Irwin Law Reader App for iOS and Android

Irwin Law is pleased to partner with Nu-Book to make our books available for iOS and Android devices. Now you can take your research on the go!

What do I need to read your e-books?

E-books can be read using the Irwin Law Reader App, available here for iOS and here for Android. (Please note that the Irwin Law Reader App is different from the Nu-book proprietary app). It is recommended that users read their e-books on tablet devices. The App is not compatible with laptop or desktop operating systems.

What features does your app offer?

The Irwin Law Reader App allows readers to quickly find information they need via a digital table of contents and convenient page scrolling, as well as perform searches through the entire book. Users can also bookmark important pages and add their own highlights and annotations.

I downloaded the App. Now what?

After downloading the App, customers can order their e-books by selecting "Ebook" and adding their selected title(s) to their shopping cart. Upon checkout, customers will be prompted to create an App account. Once the checkout process is complete, simply open up the App on your device and log in with your App account information. The App will then notify you that your book(s) are available for download!

What is the refund policy on e-books?

Please note that, due to their electronic nature, e-books can not be returned, refunded, or exchanged once they have been downloaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my username and/or password.
Find your username or reset your password here.

How long will it take to receive my e-book?

E-books are available for download immediately after you place your order. Simply open up the Irwin Law Reader App on your device and log in with your App account to download!

Do I need a wireless connection to read my e-book?

You will require a wireless connection to download the App and e-book initially, but after that, you will always be able to access the downloaded book on your device.

Can I open my e-book on a computer, send it to a friend, etc.?

Irwin Law e-books are only readable through the Irwin Law Reader App for iOS and Android, and are associated with your user account only.

Can I print pages from these e-books? What if I use AirPrint?

Content from Irwin Law e-books cannot be printed.

What happens if I buy a new device or lose my current one?

iOS version 7.0.1 and Android version 4.0.0 offer excellent new features, including synchronized annotations (provided that the user has turned on/authorized the syncing on first logging in) that follow your account when you change devices. Users now also enjoy a floating licence if they get a new device. Simply delete the book from your old library, and then retrieve it by logging in on your new device. Please note that e-book customers can have titles in use on a maximum of two devices at one given time. The two-licence limit is intended for customers who lose or replace their devices. Users would have to purchase an additional copy of the e-book in order to have simultaneous access on three or more devices.

How do I update the App software?

If an App update is available, use the App Store or Google Play to update the Irwin Law Reader App. Uninstalling and reinstalling the App is discouraged, as this will result in loss of your annotation data.

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