Conditional supervision

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When a youth is sentenced to a period of custody for murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, or aggravated sexual assault under section 42(2)(o) or section 42(2)(q) of the YCJA, or sentenced for a serious offence to “intensive rehabilitative custody” under section 42(2)(r), the last portion is to be served under “conditional supervision” in the community. A youth on “conditional supervision” is subject to stricter legal controls than a youth on “community supervision.” Before the date scheduled for release under conditional supervision, a youth justice court hearing is to be held under section 105 to determine the conditions of release, or decide that the last portion of the sentence is to be served in custody. Subject to later court review, a provincial director may return a youth on conditional supervision to custody if there are reasonable grounds to believe that a youth has breached or is about to breach a condition of release.

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