Intensive rehabilitative custody and supervision

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A sentence of intensive rehabilitative custody and supervision may be imposed under section 42(2)(r) of the YCJA for a youth found guilty of one of most serious offences, namely murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, aggravated sexual assault, or a third offence involving causing or attempting to cause serious bodily harm, and if the youth is suffering from a mental or emotional disturbance. A youth receiving this sentence is placed in a facility that has more rehabilitative resources than an ordinary custody facility, which may be a mental health facility. A youth justice court may make an order for intensive rehabilitative custody only if a “plan of treatment and intensive community supervision” has been developed and the provincial director consents. The sentence includes a period of conditional supervision in the community, which is subject to stricter legal controls than for a youth released on community supervision following the custodial portion of an ordinary order of custody and supervision.

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