Brian Barrie

Brian Barrie graduated from the Royal Military College in 1969 and, while serving in Gagetown, obtained a master’s degree in English from the University of New Brunswick, specializing in Canadian literature. He went on to pursue a law degree at Queen’s University, graduating in 1976.

With the unfailing support of his wife, he established a trial practice in Owen Sound, Ontario, where for forty years he was privileged to be accepted into a world of wonder and crisis, where strangers entrusted him with their causes, their fights for freedom, and their financial survival. He also served two terms on the board of directors of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association.

But even while practising law, Brian Barrie could not quell his passion for writing. He published four books for children or youth between 2007 and 2019, which have been cherished by local Owen Sound readers. He currently lives on Lake Huron, his horizon encircled by fishing islands until backlit by the Red Bay sunsets — a gathering place for a vibrant family life. Four Bullets, Four Witnesses, Four Liars is his first adult novel.

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