Daniel Murphy

Daniel Murphy has been a Justice Canada delegate to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force, and the Lyon Group on money laundering for the G8 group. He has acted as an evaluator for mutual evaluations of the anti-money laundering efforts of other countries for the FATF. He has undertaken international training on proceeds of crime and money laundering on behalf of the United nations. He has lectured at the Cambridge Symposium on Economic Crime on the issue of money laundering and proceeds of crime. He has also participated, as a speaker, in various United States Department of Justice Training events on proceeds of crime. He has published papers on proceeds of crime in Volume four and six of the Journal of Financial Crime, Henry Stewart Publications and the Dickinson Journal of International Law, The Dickinson School of Law, PennState,. Mr Murphy is responsible for the negotiation of Canada’s Sharing Agreements. These agreements recognise foreign assistance in Canada’s proceeds of crime cases through sharing of forfeited proceeds of crime. Mr. Murphy co-ordinates all international and domestic sharing of any federally forfeited proceeds of crime.

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