John S. Hoff

John Scott Hoff is the senior partner in the Chicago law offices of Hoff and Herran. After eight years active duty in the USAF, during which he received his JD degree and two masters degrees, he joined the FAA as a trial attorney in the office of the Chief Counsel in Washington D.C. In 1976, he entered private practice with Lord Bissell & Brook in Chicago. For over thirty years he has specialized in aviation and insurance defense, and has been recognized nationally as a leader in the field of aviation law. He is a past President of the Aviation Insurance Association (AIA) and Director of the Attorney Section. He has authored numerous articles on aviation subjects, and has been a featured speaker at the SMU Air Law Symposium and the AIA Annual Conference. He is adjunct professor of aviation law at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago and a member of the faculty since 1993. He holds an FAA Commercial Pilots license. He maintained his interest in military aviation, and retired as a full Colonel in the USAF.

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