Julian Roberts

Julian Roberts, University of Oxford, holds a PhD in psychology from the University of Toronto and an LLM from the University of London. He was an adviser to the ALI Model Penal Code Sentencing Project and a visiting professor at the L’Universita di Ferrara; Haifa Law School; School of Law, King’s College London; University of Cambridge; University of Toronto; the Catholic University of Leuven; and the Université libre de Bruxelles. His books include Paying for the Past: The Case Against Prior Record Sentence Enhancements (Oxford University Press [OUP], with R Frase, 2019); Punishing Persistent Offenders: Exploring Community and Offender (OUP, 2008); The Virtual Prison: Community Custody and the Evolution of Imprisonment (Cambridge University Press [CUP], 2004); Sentencing for Murder (Hart Law, with B Mitchell, 2012); Understanding Public Attitudes to Criminal Justice (OUP, with M Hough, 2005); Penal Populism and Public Opinion (OUP, 2003); Mitigation and Aggravation at Sentencing (CUP, 2011); Predictive Sentencing (Hart Law, with J De Keijser and J Ryberg, eds, 2019); Sentencing Multiple Crimes (OUP, with J Ryberg, eds, 2018); Previous Convictions at Sentencing (Hart, with A von Hirsch, eds, 2012); Principled Sentencing (Hart, with A von Hirsch and A Ashworth, eds, 2009); Popular Punishment (OUP, with J Ryberg, ed, 2018); and Sentencing Guidelines (OUP, with A Ashworth, 2013).

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