Lesli Bisgould

Lesli Bisgould established Canada’s first animal rights law practice, in which she acted for individuals and organizations for ten years in a variety of animal-related cases. Lesli is an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, where she teaches a course on animals and the law. She has lectured widely on animal rights law across Canada, the United States, and Australia, and she is a frequent media commentator on the subject. In 2012, she was the international law lecturer for the Australian animal protection institute Voiceless, where she compared the commercial hunt for seals in Canada to that of kangaroos in Australia. She is the author of Animals and the Law (Irwin Law, 2011), the first Canadian law text on the subject. Lesli currently works mainly in the areas of human rights and poverty law, and is the barrister at Legal Aid Ontario’s Clinic Resource Office.

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