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Why are so many people riveted by stories about criminal cases? With the explosion of true-crime media ranging from podcasts to documentaries, these cases have served as a means to explore broader social issues — such as society’s complicated history with racism, sexism, and police brutality — and to highlight the flaws in the legal system. 

With this in mind, Irwin Law is proud to announce the launch of Delve Books, a new trade imprint that will focus on providing insightful analysis into influential law cases that have shaped Canadian culture and society. Our books will be aimed at the general trade audience — readers who are interested in the impact of the law on their lives, but who may not necessarily have a legal background. 

Delve will focus on filling the gap in the literary marketplace for intelligent and entertaining books that analyze the ramifications of a case’s judgment or how the case has shaped society. We see an opportunity to provide original, meaningful, and compelling analysis into major Canadian criminal cases.

We welcome and encourage submissions in all areas of law. Delve Books is looking for writers who are able to offer a fresh perspective and critical analysis on the cases that “you thought you knew.”

Please submit your proposal outlining your topic of interest and the implications of the relevant legal decisions on Canadian law and society. For more information about what should appear in your proposal and how to submit, please see our submission guidelines, or direct your inquiries to:

Lesley Steeve
Vice President | Editor-in-Chief
Irwin Law Inc.
206 – 14 Duncan St.
Toronto, ON M5H 3G8
t: 416.862.7690 x229
e: lsteeve [at] irwinlaw [dot] com

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