From “Radical Extremism” to “Balanced Copyright”: Canadian Copyright and Digital Agenda

Irwin Law is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of From “Radical Extremism” to “Balanced Copyright”: Canadian Copyright and the Digital Agenda edited by Michael Geist with contributions from 20 of Canada’s leading copyright experts. As Canada embarks on a new round of copyright reform, this collection of essays provides context and analysis of the latest reform proposals.The book will be published on October 14, 2010. Details for the Ottawa book launch can be found here.

The text will also be available online under a creative commons licence which allows for non-commercial, personal use. The publisher, the editor, and the contributors hope that the widespread availability of the book on the internet will inform and enrich public discourse on copyright issues as Canadian parliamentarians debate the amendments to the Copyright Act contained in Bill C-32. This digital version of the book will also be available on october 14th.

This timely volume provides policy makers, lawyers, judges, educators, and interested Canadians with the tools and knowledge they need to participate in a copyright debate that will shape the future of the Internet, culture, and education in Canada.

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