Irwin Law launches Digital Editions of six Essentials titles

Irwin Law Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of our Digital Editions in partnership with VitalSource Technologies Inc. Digital Editions are permanent, portable versions of selected authoritative titles in our Essentials of Canadian Law Series. Beginning on 30 August 2006 customers will have the option of purchasing the following titles in this exciting new digital format:

Administrative Law
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Third Edition
The Law of Evidence, Fourth Edition
The Law of Partnerships and Corporations, Second Edition
The Law of Trusts, Second Edition
Personal Property Security Law

Digital Editions provide users with identical content to our print editions, plus the following added functions:

Download a title directly to their laptop for maximum portability
Perform single and multi-text keyword searches
Highlight text and take notes
Copy and paste with built-in bibliographic support
Customize page views
Link easily to case law databases

Please visit our Digital Editions information page to find out how to order and use Irwin Law’s Digital Editions.

Currently our Digital Editions are available at the identical price to our corresponding print editions. For a limited time only, customers purchasing two or more Digital Editions will receive a discount of 10% off.

To order please phone Irwin Law at 1 (888)314-9014 (toll-free in Canada and the U.S.) or send us an email at [email protected].

Irwin Law gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the OMDC Book Fund, an initiative of the Ontario Media Development Corporation

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