Now You Can Get Irwin Law Books on Your iPad!

The Irwin Law Reader Application powered by Nubook is available in the App Store for free download.

Legal specialists who own an iPad can now enjoy a digital reading interface entirely dedicated to Irwin Law’s ebooks, offering many advanced features like refined searches and annotations, as well as a customizable library. Ebooks can simply be purchased on the Irwin Law ebook store. The digital catalogue now includes more than 60 titles — including new editions of the best-selling books The Law of Evidence (Paciocco and Stuesser), and Intellectual Property Law (Vaver) — as well as a wide variety of other titles in the Irwin Law list. The list will grow over the months.

To start, you’ll need to download the Irwin Law app from itunes. Once you’ve downloaded the app and synchronized it to your iPad, you can visit the ebook store. You’ll be asked to set up your Irwin Law ebook account and once you’ve done that you can start purchasing our ebooks. The books will be delivered within minutes to your iPad. It’s that easy.

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