• Publication Date: October 1, 1999
  • EAN: 9781876067106
  • 208 pages; 6" x 8⅝"

A Culture of Corruption

Changing an Australian police service


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Professor John Braithwaite says of this book “distinctive insights on police corruption seen through the revealing prism of the experience of NSW …. a terrific book … An outstanding line-up of authors have performed to their usual standard here … a wonderful asset to the series … the collection sustains a consistently high standard”

History, regulation and culture are key aspects of policing. This book presents essays on them which are based on research papers prepared for the Royal Commission into the New South Wales Police Service by three of Australia’s leading police researchers: Janet Chan, David Dixon and Mark Finnane. It concludes with a major reassessment by David Dixon of the Royal Commission and of the reform process in the period since its final Report. In providing critical analyses of history, regulation, culture, and reform, this book contributes significantly to Australian and international policing literature.

The book follows a significant example of the Royal Commission on criminal procedure and on criminal justice in England and Wales, whose research papers have been highly valued as contributions to both the reform process and to the academic literature. It is intended as a resource for policy makers and professionals by providing a convenient and critical introduction to the policing literature in Australia and overseas and will be of interest to Australian and international academics, researchers, and students in policing and criminal justice, and public administration more generally.

In addition, the final chapter’s review of the Royal Commission’s Report and of the subsequent reform process is a major contribution to the continuing debate about the future of the New South Wales Police Service.

Corruption and Reform: An Introduction

David Dixon

From Police Force to Police Service?

Aspects of the recent history of the New South Wales police serviceMark Finnane

Issues in the Legal Regulation of Policing

David Dixon

The Normative Structure of Policing

David Dixon

Police Culture

Janet Chan

Reform, Regression and the Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service

David Dixon

Bibliography/ Index

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