• Publication Date: August 8, 2011
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Changing Policing Theories

for 21st century societies


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This book is a thoroughly revised edition of the book previously published in 1999 and 2005, and discusses the history and philosophy of policing. It is also a comparative study of the practice of policing in Australia, Britain and U.S.A.

The first part of the book shows that the divergent histories and constitutional and cultural differences of the three nations affect the styles of policing in each country.

The second part discusses society and crime in the 21st century, analysing crime and disorder on the streets, problems involved in street policing, and the effect of new technology, for example CCTV, as a crime-fighting tool, and the pervasive involvement of drugs and alcohol in crime, particularly street crime.

The third part of the book discusses the accountability of police in all aspects, in particular the accountability of police organisations to the government, the accountability of senior officers to the public and the accountability of individual police officers to the persons with whom they come into contact.

The fourth part of the book is wholly new. It examines the changing relationship between police and the state, in particular with regard to policing terrorism, and changes in the nature of crime, brought about by the use of communication technology and the difficulties of prosecuting cases where Internet crime transcends jurisdictional boundaries. The final chapter looks ahead to 2029, the bicentenary of the establishment of first modern police force in London, and offers some thoughts on the future directions of policing.

Part 1 The Social and Historical Contexts of Policing
The Triangle of Tension
The History of Policing
Crime – A Police Problem or a Social Problem?
Policing Responses to Social change – 1960s to 1990s

Part 2 Society and Crime in the 21st Century
Society and crime in the 21st Century
Current Police Responses to Crime and Disorder
Problems of Policing the Streets
Ethics, Discipline and the Behaviour of Individual Officers

Part 3 Accountability
Control, Independence and Accountability in Policing
Police Accountability in Australia
Police Accountability in Britain
Police Accountability in United States

Part 4 Policing in the 21st Century
Policing and the State
Changing in Crime in a Changing World
Towards the Bicentenary of Policing

Bibliography/ Table of Statutes/ Table of Cases/ Index

Reviews of previous editions:Changing Policing Theories by Charles Edwards is an excellent text book for the budding police officer who in New South Wales, and very soon in Victoria, needs to navigate the undulating landscape of university level study to become a confirmed police officer. … [The book contains] a great deal of information and intellectual stimulation. – NSW Police News, Vol 85 No 9, September 2005

A very comprehensive look at policing in three western societies … Well worth the money. – NT Police News, June 2005

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