• Publication Date: February 15, 2010
  • ISBN: Print (Paperback): 9781552210703
  • ISBN: Digital (PDF): 9781552212424
  • 320 pages; 6" x 9"
Filed Under: Civil Procedure

Civil Litigation


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Product Description

Civil Litigation by Professors Janet Walker and Lorne Sossin is a concise narrative of the key elements of the resolution of civil disputes in Canada. It covers all aspects of civil procedure and provides a useful pan-Canadian comparison of legislation and court rules from various jurisdictions. Until now there has not been an introductory work on the subject of civil litigation that places it in the larger institutional, professional, and social context of dispute resolution and which explains its main aspects in a way that is informative to members of the legal community and accessible to the larger community. Civil Ligitation fills that gap.

List of court rules
Chapter 1: Civil Procedure in Context
Chapter 2: Costs and Access to Justice
Chapter 3: Commencing a Claim
Chapter 4: Pleadings
Chapter 5: The Size and Scope of Litigation
Chapter 6: Class Proceedings
Chapter 7: Discovery
Chapter 8: Privilege
Chapter 9: Disposition without Trial
Chapter 10: Pre-trial Relief
Chapter 11: Civil Justice Reform
Table of Cases

“[A] remarkably accessible and sophisticated analysis of the doctrinal issues… [T]his is a book I would be very proud to have written.”
Hon. Robert J. Sharpe, Court of Appeal for Ontario (from the Foreword)
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