• Publication Date: August 5, 2009
  • EAN: 9781862877481
  • 416 pages; 6" x 8⅝"
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Environmental Decision-Making

Exploring complexity and context


Product Description

Contemporary environmental decisions are made within the context of sustainability aimed at meeting integrated ecological, economic and social goals. Most involve a complex mix of actors and institutions – differing values and differing interests. Choices are difficult and often controversial, and decision-making processes and contexts provide crucial influences on outcomes.

This book explores these processes and context and the influences which affect them. For example:

How do different value systems influence what environmental issues come onto the public agenda, and their management?

What institutions and actors are involved in the processes and how?

What tools are available and what are their limitations?

How should we deal with uncertainty and risk?

How do we incorporate relevant but very different forms of knowledge, and how do we manage the information ‘explosion’?

The authors take a multidisciplinary approach and engage in themes from political science, law, economics, philosophy, natural sciences, geography, engineering and sociology. Their book is rich with practical examples, including three extensive case studies that illustrate the complexities and contestations of environmental decision-making..

The book is aimed at the ever-widening range of people who are, or are hoping to become, environmental professionals, whether from the scientific, technical or social science fields. It is also relevant for interested members of the public.

Environmental Decision-making in a Complex World

Sustainable Development & Sustainability

Values and Value Systems


Actors outside Government

Multiple Knowledges

Public Participation

Tools for Environmental Decison-making

Uncertainty, Risk and the Precautionary PrincipleProgressing Environmental Decision-making for Sustainability

Case Study A Container Deposit Legislation

Case Study B Gunns Pulp Mill

Case Study C Toowoomba Water Recycling


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