• Publication Date: June 21, 2005
  • EAN: 9781862875548
  • 352 pages; 6" x 8⅝"
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Environmental Law Toolkit – NSW

A Community Guide to Environmental Law in New South Wales


Product Description

The Environmental Law Toolkit is a community guide to environmental law in New South Wales. It is intended to provide a practical resource for members of the community with an interest in using the law to protect the environment.

In particular, this guide covers the following elements of environmental law:

environmental planning and assessment;

natural resource management;

pollution management;

biodiversity conservation; and

natural and cultural heritage.

The guide also includes a chapter on environmental advocacy, covering topics such as: submissions, letters and petitions; using the media; access to information; defamation law and safe speech; incorporating an environmental group; corporations and environmental advocacy; environmental protest and criminal law; and seeking legal advice and representation.


Planning and Development


Natural Resources

Biodiversity Conservation


Environmental Advocacy

Contacts and Resources

The Environmental Law Toolkit – NSW is a user-friendly guide through the legal minefield of the environment. Although aimed at community groups, it is equally applicable for individuals or businesses that need to be across the vast range of issues, Acts and policy requirements that define environmental management. The latest edition updates and improves upon the 2001 (4th) edition …

This book would be a useful addition to the shelf of any community environmental group, local government or environmental practitioner. It is well set-out, logical and easy to read so that the information is fully accessible. Highly recommended. – Canberra Environment and Sustainability Resource Centre, August 2005

Environmental Law Toolkit – NSW is an invaluable resource … The complexity [of the modern world], whilst daunting, can be successfully negotiated by having access to accurate and comprehensive information geared to the public interest. Here is where the Environmental Law Toolkit – NSW comes into play, use it well. – Peter Garrett MP

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