• Publication Date: June 12, 2007
  • ISBN: Print (Paperback): 9781552211410
  • 428 pages; 6" x 9"
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Health Law at the Supreme Court of Canada


Product Description

The Supreme Court of Canada has issued a number of high-profile health law decisions—Latimer, Rodriguez, and Morgentaler, and the most recent, Chaoulli. Health law has become of great interest to the public and a dynamic, relevant, and important site of jurisprudential activity.

This book brings consideration of all of the major Supreme Court of Canada health law cases together in one place and in a coordinated fashion for the first time. In each chapter, the authors describe the relevant Supreme Court of Canada cases and explore the implications of the cases for their specific topic. Where relevant, the authors reflect on the following cross-cutting themes: the values of autonomy, dignity, liberty, equality, justice, privacy, and life; and the concepts of identity, personhood, community, property, embodiment, health, vulnerability, disability, and oppression. It is important for students, practitioners, policy-makers, academics, and judges to understand the ways in which such values and concepts play out in different ways in different contexts within the health sphere.

This book demonstrates the sweep of issues addressed by the Court and encourages reflection upon the role of the Court in shaping, both directly and indirectly, health care delivery and health policy in Canada. The authors have endeavoured to provide careful and critical evaluation of this role. Health Law at the Supreme Court of Canada is designed to contribute to the development of jurisprudence and legislation in the area of health law, policy, and practice.

Introduction – Jocelyn Downie and Elaine Gibson
CHAPTER 1: The Governance of Health Care: Fundamental Values, Law and Ethics, Courts, Parliament, and the Charter – The Honourable Charles D. Gonthier
CHAPTER 2: Judicious Choices: Health Care Resource Decisions and the Supreme Court – Colleen M. Flood and Michelle Zimmerman
CHAPTER 3: A Healthy Conception of Rights? Thinking Relationally About Rights in a Health Care Context – Jennifer Llewellyn
CHAPTER 4: Healthy Communities: Public Health Law at the Supreme Court of Canada – Barbara von Tigerstrom
CHAPTER 5: The Multiple Meanings of Causation in the Supreme Court’s Medical Malpractice Jurisprudence: Past, Present, and Future – Joan M. Gilmour
CHAPTER 6: Informed Consent: Reasonableness, Risk, and Disclosure – Erin L. Nelson
CHAPTER 7: Revisiting Core Principles: Autonomy, Consent, and the Biobanking Challenge – Timothy Caulfield
CHAPTER 8: Women’s Reproductive Equality and the Supreme Court of Canada – Sanda Rodgers
CHAPTER 9: Assisted Death at the Supreme Court of Canada – Jocelyn Downie
CHAPTER 10: The Supreme Court of Canada at the Limits of Decisional Capacity – Sheila Wildeman
CHAPTER 11: Wealth Meets Health: Disabled Immigrants and Calculations of “Excessive Demand” – Constance MacIntosh
CHAPTER 12: Whither Privacy of Health Information at the Supreme Court of Canada? – Elaine Gibson
CHAPTER 13: Patent Law at the Supreme Court of Canada: A Healthy Balance? – Teresa Scassa
CHAPTER 14: Pathways to and from the Supreme Court of Canada for Health Law Litigants – Angela Campbell

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