• EAN: 9781862872585
  • 176 pages; 6" x 8⅝"
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Immigration and Australian Cities



Population growth, household formation and suburbanisation

Where immigrants live

Urban infrastructure and planning

Housing demand and house prices

Urban environment

Urban labour markets

Regional development



Immigration and Australian Cities … analyses the impact of immigration in large urban centres particularly Sydney and Melbourne. … covers a number of themes such as spatial location of immigrants, impacts of immigration on housing, infrastructure, urban environment, regional development and urban labour markets. … Overall, the book provides a good review of issues relating to immigration and cities. I would recommend this book not only to those interested in being better informed about the immigration debate, but to those as well who are keen to understand the major urban issues facing Australia. …[it] will be of particular interest to planners, geographers, demographers, housing specialists, developers and last but not least immigrants themselves. – Urban Policy Research

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